High-Quality Amarillo Stroke Care at Home Promotes Recovery

A stroke can have a devastating impact on a person and his or her family. In an instant, their worlds are turned upside down. Because strokes are so unpredictable, families are often unprepared to take on the duties of helping their loved one recover. No matter how dedicated families are, caring for a senior stroke survivor requires more than most families are able to provide. Along with patience and compassion, stroke care involves expertise and a high level of specialized care and attention. Fortunately, Home Care Assistance of Amarillo, TX, can provide seniors with exceptional stroke care at home, and their families will have peace of mind knowing their loved one is supported with skilled assistance at all times.

Depending on the severity of the stroke, recovery may take some seniors a short time and require only a minimal amount of assistance, while others require a more complex long-term plan to make sure their physical and emotional needs are met. Home Care Assistance offers flexible hourly and live-in care plans that allow seniors and their families to choose the level of care that best fits their needs.

Expertly Trained Stroke Caregivers Ensure Balanced Care

Recovering from a stroke can be a grueling, frustrating process, and many seniors experience depression, anxiety, and hopelessness. Our caregivers are devoted to constantly supporting and nurturing every aspect of their clients’ health: physical, emotional, mental, and social. The expertly trained and compassionate stroke caregivers from Amarillo Home Care Assistance:

  • Encourage independence with daily activities – Caregivers assist with normal activities of daily life, such as cooking, eating nutritious meals, light housekeeping, dressing, and bathing, while fostering independence and a continual sense of dignity.
  • Assist with rehabilitation and therapy – Stroke survivors need to relearn new physical skills through assisted physical therapy, and our caregivers can ensure these are being performed safely and as recommended by the senior’s medical team.
  • Provide companionship and conversation – Caregivers and clients are carefully matched according to personalities and shared interests, and meaningful long-term friendships are often the result.
  • Offer nonstop encouragement and compassion – After a stroke, it’s crucial for seniors to receive words of encouragement and support to stave off common emotional side effects such as depression, anger, and apathy.

Our experienced stroke caregivers are able to provide such comprehensive care because they’re all trained in our exclusive Balanced Care Method. This holistic approach focuses on nurturing every aspect of a stroke survivor’s wellbeing, supporting senior health by providing companionship and social stimulation, encouraging social activity and exercise, and empowering seniors to act independently when they’re able to safely do so.

Reach Out for the Help You Need

If you’re facing the immense challenge of caring for a senior loved one who’s had a stroke, help is only a phone call away. Home Care Assistance Amarillo will work with you to customize a stroke care plan that’s just right for your loved one’s needs. Call us today at (806) 803-9991 to discuss how we can give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your loved one is being cared for with professionalism and compassion.